Whether your patio demands the elegance of a bold, stately structure, your garden needs a charming centerpiece, or you are looking to define a space, a pergola may be the answer. They allow you to enjoy the ambiance of a peaceful evening, and offers a solution that will upgrade your home and your lifestyle.
Backyard Masters offers a wide array of great-looking, long-lasting outdoor gazebos and pergolas.
We have open air gazebos to protect your guests from the elements, semi enclosed to add some privacy to your outdoor living space and even fully enclosed. Fully enclosed structure are a wonderful way to extend your home to the beautiful outdoors,

Visscher Gazebos

Visscher Specialty Products has been manufacturing the ultimate outdoor living space since 1997. The wide array of great-looking, long-lasting outdoor living spaces unite families and friends in backyards everywhere.
The Canadian-made structures are manufactured and packaged in Chilliwack, BC, using premium Canadian lumber. Canadian wood is great-looking, long-lasting and durable. Wood is also a renewable and non-toxic material which is a sound choice for your outdoor living area.
There are three different options to perfectly fit your needs: Open Air to protect your guests from the elements and let the warm breeze through, Semi Enclosed to add some privacy to your outdoor living space, and Fully Enclosed to expand your home to the beautiful outdoors.


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Turn your patio in a naturally shaded oasis with the a Pergola. Sculptured beams crisscross both directions, giving it strength as well as flair. A pergola will give your patio or deck wonderful, shaded, natural beauty that will let you enjoy hours of relaxation there.

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Financing Options Available!

Backyard Masters offers competitive financing options through HFS Financial and Wells Fargo.

We can personalize your loan for each individual purchasing pools, spas, outdoor furniture, masonry work, outdoor kitchen components, gazebos, pergolas and so much more!